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Girard Perregaux Complications 90275-52-111-BA6A Automatic WatchGirard Perregaux Complications90275-52-111-BA6Aretail: $412.00Now Price: $268.00View Watch Detail
Girard Perregaux Complications 90280-52-231-BACA Automatic WatchGirard Perregaux Complications90280-52-231-BACAretail: $335.00Now Price: $268.00View Watch Detail
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Girard Perregaux Collection Lady 80390-3-56-604 Automatic WatchGirard PerregauxCollection Lady 80390-3-56-604retail: $396.00Now Price: $258.00View Watch Detail
Girard Perregaux Tourbillon 49350.0.11.617BL Automatic WatchGirard PerregauxTourbillon 49350.0.11.617BLretail: $335.00Now Price: $268.00View Watch Detail
Girard Perregaux Ferrari 49560-0-11-8148A Automatic WatchGirard PerregauxFerrari 49560-0-11-8148Aretail: $357.00Now Price: $268.00View Watch Detail
Girard Perregaux Vintage 1945 Vintage 1945 2585 Swiss Automatic WatchGirard PerregauxVintage 1945 Vintage 1945 2585retail: $430.00Now Price: $258.00View Watch Detail
Girard Perregaux Richeville 27650-0-53-6151 Swiss Automatic WatchGirard PerregauxRicheville 27650-0-53-6151retail: $315.00Now Price: $268.00View Watch Detail

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Girard Perregaux R&D for LP.

Posted by ReplicaSold | Posted on 2017/7/21

If we think about the history of Girard Perregaux brand of watches and its beginnings we can only remain shocked on what passion and talent can make of a small business. The foundation of the House of Girard Perregaux took place back in 1791, when a 19 yea...

Girard Perregaux Bi-axial Tourbillon Watch in white gold.

Posted by ReplicaSold | Posted on 2017/7/25

For fans of uncommon wristwatch mechanisms, Girard-Perregaux has recently introduced a bi-axial Tourbillon watch in white gold. The Bi-axial Tourbillon watch is by no means a new invention. It is actually hundreds of years, a crusade for precision and perf...